Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Layouts and Treat Poems

Welcome back, Friends! Thank you for the postive feedback regarding my blog. I appreciate your emails and comments.

Before we dig into the guts of today's post, I'd like to share a couple of blog tips with you. The Oct./Nov. 2008 issue of Digital Scrapbooking magazine has an article "Bling Your Blog" with some useful tips to customize your blog to fit your personal design style. Worth the read for any new blogger like myself (it couldn't have come at a better time for me). You can pick up this magazine at Barnes & Noble or at your local newstand. You might also like to check out for more useful information. Of course, I'd like to thank my son Kyle for his assistance in helping me set up my blog. Thanks, hon! :)

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I'd share a couple of digi layouts and treat poems. The pages below are of my youngest son, Kyle...isn't he cute?! I love Halloween...the decorating, making cute treats using my computer crafting skills (my online friend Kitty recently sent me an email still raving about my "Bottle of Boos"), carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds, drinking hot apple cider, taking walks in the crisp fall air, passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters... Even though both of my sons are grown, each year we hold onto our traditions; and now that I am into digital scrapbooking, I can capture these memories in an artistic way for my family and for future generations. :)

My good friend, RhondaSue, has a lovely blog with a wealth of Halloween ideas that you might want to incorporate into this year's sure to check out her older posts! She has even featured my Bat Kisses poem. :) Visit her at

Here are a couple more of my Hershey Kisses poems (they tie in with today's layouts lol). I put them on bag toppers with cute grapics and include a few autumn-colored Kisses in the baggie.

Spider Kisses

There once was a Halloween spider
Who was the sweetest you could find
In his web he nearly starved to death

for no bug or moth would he entwine

Instead he gave everyone he’d meet
All the love from the bottom of his heart

He’d kiss everyone instead of bite
For he truly was a dear sweetheart

And so this Halloween I share with you
A few of these Halloween Spider Kisses
And leave you with all of my very best
Happy Halloween wish
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Pumpkin Kisses
On All Hallows Eve I went to my porch
To light my cute Jack-o-Lantern’s torch
And as I bent low, I caught a twinkle in his eye
It must have been a star fallen from the sky

Then suddenly he took on a life all his own
And asked me if he could come into my home

I said. "now why should I grant you this?"
He said "Aw please, I’ll give you a kiss"
Now how could I refuse his toothless grin
After all that’s how most romances begin
Now I’m in love with my pumpkin, and I tell you this
You ain’t had nothing ‘til you’ve had a pumpkin kiss
And because you’re sweet and I love you too
I’m sharing these Pumpkin Kisses with you.

©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Until next time, enjoy the season!
Hugs, Lisajo


Craftymumz Creations said...

I love the layouts you shared here! Your boys have grown up but it is great to keep the traditions! Thank you for sharing the link to my site and the very nice compliments you've given! I appreciate it very much! I've listed you in my FAN OF section! I can't wait to see more of your treasures! You've had some GREAT ones over the years! HUGS TO YOU!

Kitty said...

Awesome blog and so cute kit My brother came for a visit from Texas and is filling my computer with beautiful falls pictues can't wait to us your kit to put something together for him Thnak you So happy you're back