Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Bunny Can Wraps Printables & Exemplify eZine

Ladies, I am so excited about a new eZine I found a couple of days ago!! It is a new Christian eZine that is comprised of various blog writers (they are now booked until 2010 for new's that for rapid growth?!). They just started it in January and the content is exhilarating! I especially enjoyed the Fiction Column by Rachel that was started in the Feburay issue. She takes a Bible passage and expounds on the story....delightful reading! Another article I enjoyed was "In 10 Minutes or Less" by Carol...simple, quick things you can do that follows that month's eZine theme. They also now have a Bible Study column by Kristen Schiffman (who I believe is the founder if my memory serves me right).

Once you get to the site, click on the current issue button to download the FREE eZine. Then be sure to click on the "Back Issues" button to download January and February's issues. This eZine is published on the 3rd of each month so be sure to bookmark the site. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf files.

You can download it here at Exemplify. May the time you spend reading this eZine be a blessing to you. And please consider telling those in your circle of on-line friends about it.

Now for today's FREE printables. I have two can wraps for you. Yes, two for the price of one! lol I'm feeling generous. rotflol You can use an empty can, fill it with paper shred and treats; or wrap a full can of fruit (makes a healthy basket filler). Click on the images to view full size; then right-click to save.

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday...
Hugs, Lisajo


Anonymous said...

Cute bunny wrap Lisa Jo, the year is going by so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa for the cute wrappers and for the ezine info!I will definitely look in to that!God Bless Take Care..Love kristianne25

Kristen Schiffman said...


Thank you SO MUCH for helping us spread the word about Exemplify. We are so new -- but you and so many more have been so kind we are growing rapidly.

It is our pleasure to serve you!
Kristen Schiffman (and yes, I am the founder. ; )

sharon ann said...

Lisa Jo this is so cute...I cant beleive how fast this year is going.

Carol @SheLives said...

So nice of you to mention Exemplify!

Your site is delightful! Makes me wish mine were still little so we could do some of these cute crafty thing together. Now it's all jock straps and driver's licenses.

I should start a blog! :-)

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candylady said...

Thanks for the cute wrappers God bless and take

CM2 said...

Lisajo, your talent continues to grow by leaps and bounds! When I think back about the 3 Halloween tags, I made for your poems, I must chuckle! Thank you for all the terrific work you have been sharing!
:-) Crafty Me2