Monday, April 6, 2009

100th Post & April Showers Card Christian Printable

Today's printable is another April Showers Card. Click on the image to view full size; then right-click to save. Also, today's post is my 100th post! In the tradition of many bloggers, I am going to share 100 things about myself for my 100th post.1. I love Jesus! And He loves me, and YOU TOO!

2. I have black hair, brown eyes, am 5'4" and I'm not telling how much I weigh.

3. I have two wonderful, grown sons that I adore and am proud of. Hi, Ryan & Kyle!

4. Hi Sam (Ryan's girlfriend)! I love you too!

5. And I have a great family. Hi! Love you all with all my heart!

6. I am owned by two Tuxedo (black & white) felines, Kadee and her son Niketo. Meow!

7. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh

8. but the sound of Ryan & Kyle's laughter still fills me with the greatest amount of joy.

9. I'm addicted to a variety of computer Solitaire games.

10. Olive Garden & Braan's Steakhouse are my favorite restaurants.

11. My favorite song right now is "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)" by Robbie Seay Band

12. and my next favorite is "God With Us" by MercyMe.

13. I love to read

14. and the book I am currently reading is Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer

15. ...and The Power of Praying Through the Bible by Stormie OMartian

16. and, of course, my Bible.

17. My all-time favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle.

18. I wasn't at all impressed with the American version.

19. I live in the country and hate Satellite internet (used to be in town with cable)

20. but I love satellite tv! So much more to choose from!

21. I make an awesome spaghetti sauce!

22. I absolutely abhor Ragu or Prego or any other brand from a jar!

23. I don't particularly like cooking

24. but sharing the task makes it funner.

25. I am now one-quarter done with this list...are you still with me?

26. My favorite ice cream is vanilla Haagen-Dazs.

27. I used to be the Pepsi Queen

28. now I hate colas

29. but get my caffeine fix from Mountain Dew.

30. I also love herbal teas.

31. My favorite hobby is computer crafting...can't you tell?

32. My father passed away in 1985, and I still miss him.

33. I grew up with my maternal grandmother living with us.

34. My mom is my friend!

35. When I was a kid, I used to ride a mini-bike and a motorcycle

36. Crotch-rockets make me nervous

37. never been on one but just seeing them and knowing how fast they go gives me the eebie-jeebies

38. Speaking of eebie-jebbies...I was the one who had to take care of spiders...Ryan and Kyle were scared of them.

39. I had my colors done and I'm a winter person.

40. I don't like Winter much...too long, too cold and too snowy here in Michigan.

41. but I enjoy all the seasons God has created for us.

42. There is beauty in Winter. But Spring is my favorite.

43. I live near Lake Michigan but am not much of a beach person.

44. My favorite color is red.

45. Two walls in my bedroom are "Apple-a-Day" red.

46. One wall in the dining room is "Merelot" (another red...more of a wine)

47. I am 47 and was born on December 20th.

48. If you remember my birthday, I'd be very appreciative of the gifts you lavish on me;

49. just don't wrap them in Christmas paper, please.

50. We've hit the half-way mark. Do you know me yet?

51. I'm not as old as I am.

52. My toenails are painted purple for Easter.

53. I love to take long, hot, relaxing baths!!!!!

54. I could use some new bubble-bath...hint, hint! see #47-49

55. I love to kayak! That's a hint to my family.

56. I'm divorced...

57. now married to the Bridegroom.

58. Sunsets at the beach leave me in awe!

59. I like to walk in the woods.

60. I hate to exercise

61. but I have to start a program soon...

62. I'm starting to fall apart. lol

63. I would love to go to Australia.

64. I have strong opinions

65. but have been known to change my mind.

66. My favorite scent is lavender

67. and how my babies used to smell.

68. I've suffered from depression and anxiety.

69. I have Chron's disease

70. but haven't had a major flare since my diagnosis in 2002.

71. The Lord is good to me.

72. I can't believe I haven't mentioned my best friend, Leanne!

73. Lee and I have been chums since Jr. High. Love you, girlfriend!

74. I'm a night-owl.

75. Three-quarter mark! This isn't as easy as I thought it would be. lol

76. My pinky fingers are slightly curved...

77. I inherited them from my dad...his were extremely crooked.

78. I love to go bowling a couple times a month.

79. I drank Drain-O as a child and survived.

80. I had two concussions as a child.

81. But I still love my baby brother. lol

82. In addition to my baby brother, I have two half-brothers and two half-sisters. Love ya!

83. I'm a great-great aunt already.

84. Shoot, I was an aunt at 4! I love all my nephews and nieces!

85. I have double-pierced ears but hardly ever wear earrings.

86. I don't wear much jewelry except a cross that Ryan & Kyle gave me.

87. I'm most comfortable in jeans and sweats.

88.. I love Christmas! I collect tree ornaments.

89. I have a very good memory...well, for things I want to remember.

90. I like to attend Renaissance Fairs with my son Kyle.

91. My fantasy is to win the Lottery. Hey, it could happen. lol

92. Oh, I LOVE milk! Got Milk?

93. I can take chocolate or leave it. But if I eat it, I crave milk.

94. I want a Wii. And Wii Fit.

95. I just broke a fingernail.

96. I am proud to have Cherokee ancestry

97. and a mixture of German, Irish and probably more that I don't know about.

98. I am a Child of God!

99. I am far from perfect but am fearfully and wonderfully made.

100. And forgiven.

Whew, I made it! Thanks for sticking with me. I'm glad you joined me for my celebration.

Hugs, Lisajo


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 100Th post! I hope there are a hundred more! I really have enjoyed visiting your blog! Thank you for always being there and for sharing your thoughts and beautiful print-ables and word art cards!Take care..Godbless..Kristianne25

Anonymous said...

Loved your 100 comments about yourself!!! Yes, they did let us know more you and your family!!! Again, THANK YOU for the printable gifts! Sharon