Thursday, April 23, 2009

M is for Mom Hershey Wrap & Teabag Printables

Today I'm sharing a Hershey Bar Wrap and a Teabag for our Mom's gift set. Click on each image to view full size; then right-click to save.

Hugs, Lisajo


Anonymous said...

Thank for another awesome addition to this set!Take care..Kristianne25

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisajo! Sharon

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. Thanks ever so much for sharing.
God bless.

tjkitchen said...

I feel I have been so richly blessed to have found this sight! What a beautiful gift God has bestowed upon you. The way you are using it is just amazing. I love everything you have done. I was looking at Mother's Day items, as we are getting ready for a Mother Daughter Banquet at church searching for something fun. Our theme is " Girls just wanna have fun" and we are doing the black and white zebra print with hot pink. Any ideas? I made little hot pink high heels with a scripture verse and a small little purse as a placecard, that turns into a picture frame when the party is over. I would love any ideas from you or anybody for help on anything else that would go with the theme. I have 4 big pieces of lattice to decorate. I have a beach towel, flip flops and sunglasses for one. Not sure what to do with the other three.

In Christ we love, Twyla Jean Kitchen