Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks-living & Printable

This month we focus on Thanksgiving and take time to count our blessings. However, we should live each and every day with thankful hearts. It is then that each day becomes Thanks-living. I love that term, don't you? :) I first read it in a small book of prayers. But what about those times when we struggle with problems and don't feel an ounce of thankfulness? If we look at Philippians 4:6, we see that in EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition, with THANKSGIVING, we are to present our requests to God. In verse 7 we see that by doing so the PEACE of God, which transcends all understanding, will GUARD our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. It's all about your attitude. If you choose to grumble about your boss, you will not be at peace and will probably end up hating your job. Each day will be miserable and full of drudgery. However, if you take a moment to heartily thank your boss and God that you have work to do, you will enjoy your job more. The same is true for any life situation. There is a saying, "too blessed to be stressed." A thankful heart doesn't sweat the small stuff. So in order to enjoy your life more, you must change your attitude and make each day Thanks-living.

If you are struggling with thankfulness, try these suggestions:
1. Each morning or before bedtime, write down five things for which you are grateful.
2. Make it a point to show your gratitude daily to friends and family.
3. Demonstrate gratitude to people who work in public.
4. Count the blessing that surround you in nature.
5. Begin your day with a prayer of thanks.
~ God's Devotional Book, Honor Books, 2005, page 20.

Lord, this month we celebrate Thanksgiving. Each day my list of thanks grows for the gifts you bestow upon me. Let me live each day with a heart of gratitude so that each day becomes thanks-living. Let me take your love to others that they may too live abundantly. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Today's Printable is a card and envelope. Why not write a note of thankfulness and drop it in the mail to someone you are grateful for in your life. Maybe even your boss. :)

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Lord Bless, Lisajo


Nancy said...

Hi lisaJo, I love how your blog is coming along, and also to tell you I have an award for you... you can pick it up at my blog anytime... hugs, Nancy...

Anonymous said...

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kristianne25 said...

I am grateful for so many things one of which was coming across your blog one day.:)